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Wrapped BMW M3 The Car Company Detailing Belfast Gyeon Q2M Cure

So we accepted the challenge of saving this wrapped low millage BMW M3 that was recently bought from London, suffering severe staining, along with large amounts of contamination the process began….

Being made aware that previous people had tried and tested multiple products and techniques had failed, we could see some areas that this had caused very minor damage into the wrap.

Starting off in test areas we made great progress using a diluted version of Valet Pro’s Dragons Breath, leaving no stains or streaking we proceeded with this removing vasts amount of fallout, with great success the vehicle was then thoroughly washed with VP Advanced Neutral Foam, releasing more dirt and grime from the surface area before moving onto the machine stage.

Through multiple tests with various finishing pads and compounds we quickly got a great system and were able to proceed with caution, the importance to not inflict any marring marks, too much heat were all factors of rescuing this badly damaged wrap.

With nothing short of fantastic results the wrap was sealed with multiple layers Gyeon Q2M Cure hydrophobic Sealant Spray, to repel dirt, grime and water from the wrap. Some up keep products to work along side with Gyeon Q2M Cure will be Gyeon Bathe Plus to build up a strong hydrophobic layer to protect the wrap for a long time to come.

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