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Valet Pro Enzyme Odour Eater 500ml


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Enzyme Odour Eater

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Enzyme Odour Eater removes odours from cars, homes and the work place. This product is particularly special because it removes the organic food source that bacteria thrives on (it is the bacteria that produces the bad smells).

This also makes it a great preparation cleaner for organic stains and is used by carpet cleaners to remove Tea stains as Enzyme Odour Eater is wool-safe. Valeters use this product to pre-spray carpets and upholstery due to its effectiveness of removing organic stains.

The carpets and upholstery are sprayed whilst the valeter washes the exterior. By the time the valeter gets to the interior stage, most of the stains are gone, making the whole cleaning process much quicker and easier!

Odour Control

Enzyme Odour Eater’s main purpose, however, is odour control. It will deal with all manner of bacteria related odours such as:

  • Spilt milk, or any other drink
  • Vomit and other bodily fluids. Used in nursing homes.
  • Dog odours.
  • Tobacco (also great for removing stains on head lining)
  • Enzyme Odour Eater is perfect for cleaning vehicle head linings, as it is pH-neutral.

Due to high alkaline content, some cleaners can damage the glue used to stick on head linings, which is why we highly recommend using Enzyme Odour Eater for this job.

It can be also used in sinks and washrooms to. This is one hugely versatile product, and should be part of any car cleaning enthusiasts ‘collection’.


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