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The Car Company Detailing Belfast Pre Booked Hydrophobic Safe Wash Gyeon Quartz Wet Coat Essence

The Car Company in Belfast Northern Ireland showcasing Gyeon Quartz Wet Coat Essence, pre booked for our hydrophobic safe wash we created this short video showing the instant gains by applying Gyeon Wet Coat Essence, Being washed with Gyeon Bathe Plus will also add up to 12 weeks protection, gloss and extreme beading from these simple steps alone. The Car Company Gyeon Certified Detailers located in Belfast Northern Ireland.

Our Pre Booked Safe Wash system was introduced to maintain client vehicles, we also created the Hydrophobic Safe Wash  and introduced this for boosting coated vehicles, or simply offering to non coated vehicles, which you can see from the video makes a huge impact in protection.

Hydrophobic Safe Wash
Irelands first Hydrophobic Safe wash right here in Belfast. We have created the hydrophobic safe wash system with the help of some very advanced products created by Gyeon Quartz. Throughout the meticulous wash process your vehicle is treated to the first of its kind and in the world for that matter, Gyeon Q2M BATHE+, which is the world’s first shampoo fortified with si02 which enhances surface gloss, and lays down a temporary hydrophobic coating. Along with this it strongly repels water and dirt for several weeks at a time making routine washing and maintenance quicker and easier.

Step two of the Hydrophobic Safe Wash.

Following the rinse process Gyeon Q2m Wet Coat is used, applying a misted spray over the vehicle, it is then wash mitted to spread evenly to all parts and left to dwell for approximately 1-2 minutes before being thoroughly rinsed off. The level of performance is simply incredible, leaving an instantly high level of hydrophobic protection, along with speechless water repelling results.
This wash process will offer up to 12 weeks + protection at a time, and will improve time and time again upon treatment.
This can be used in conjunction with the safe wash process as the Hydrophobic safe wash is only recommended every 12 weeks.
Time Duration approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

Hydrophobic Safe Wash £40.00

The Car Company.







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