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Detailing At The Car Company Belfast.
Located on the outskirts of Belfast city, we are leading the way forward in offering the complete detailing experience by providing a solution to every aspect of car care under one roof. With 3 members of staff, secure 3000sq Ft premises and over 14 years of combined experience in the car care industry working with multiple large car dealerships, car manufacturer events, show winning cars and clients from both the north and south of Ireland, you are guaranteed the highest level of finish and customer service.

By recently bringing Gyeon Quartz to Northern Ireland who are WORLD LEADING in vehicle paintwork protective coatings and detailing products, we continue to raise and set the standards. Creating one of the best detailing studios in Belfast Northern Ireland from advanced LED lighting, knowledge, products and technology.

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SAFE WASH £18.00

Our pre booked pH neutral snow foam safe wash lasts approximately 45 minutes (depending on vehicle condition and size) Using plush lambs wool wash mitts, separate grit guard buckets, pH neutral wheel cleaner, including wheel backs and careful drying techniques, it’s the only way to maintain your vehicle. Finishing with exterior glass and tyres dressed in various non-splat dressings to suit individual preferences.

Hydrophobic Safe Wash
Irelands first Hydrophobic Safe wash right here in Belfast. We have created the hydrophobic safe wash system with the help of some very advanced products created by Gyeon Quartz. Throughout the meticulous wash process your vehicle is treated to the first of its kind and in the world for that matter, Gyeon Q2M BATHE+, which is the world’s first shampoo fortified with si02 which enhances surface gloss, and lays down a temporary hydrophobic coating. Along with this it strongly repels water and dirt for several weeks at a time making routine washing and maintenance quicker and easier.

Step two of the Hydrophobic Safe Wash.

Following the rinse process Gyeon Q2m Wet Coat is used, applying a misted spray over the vehicle, it is then wash mitted to spread evenly to all parts and left to dwell for approximately 1-2 minutes before being thoroughly rinsed off. The level of performance is simply incredible, leaving an instantly high level of hydrophobic protection, along with speechless water repelling results.
This wash process will offer up to 12 weeks + protection at a time, and will improve time and time again upon treatment.
This can be used in conjunction with the safe wash process as the Hydrophobic safe wash is only recommended every 12 weeks.
Time Duration approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

Hydrophobic Safe Wash £40.00


To some people this isn’t important but we believe even the unseen areas still have to be perfect, using specialist products, tools and techniques this will ensure a factory finish with multiple dressing packages available.
Bolt on package GYEON QUARTZ Q2 Trim Coat. (link to description) Adding Gyeon Q2 Trim Coat £30.00

Engine Bay Detail from £30.00

Interior Detail Package

This offers a much more in depth cleaning process. Using specialist foam and fabric cleaners, detailing tools and techniques for those near impossible to reach areas, including vents, switches, steering surrounds, pedals and wiper stalks. Finishing off with sheen or non sheen products (NON Silicone) will leave a natural fresh finish on all areas.
Bolt on Packages
Gyeon Q2 Fabric Coat from £45.00
Gyeon Q2 Leather Shield from £100.00 
Gyeon Q2 Anti-Fog from £50.00 

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Interior Detail Package From £60.00 *Prices shown are “prices from £…” The quote may vary depending on vehicles’ size/etc*

Top up service

We offer this service if you have previously had your car treated by The Car Company. On offer are many variable top up packages. The level of protection on each vehicle will vary depending on the treatment that the vehicle previously had carried out. We have introduced this service to help keep your vehicle with the maximum level of protection at all times. After using our safe wash method, we can then any prepare the paint prior to applying a wax of your choice depending on your preferences and the finish that you require.
Top up service From £60.00 

Enhancement Detail Package.

This is one of the most popular services offered by The Car Company, with its main emphasis being on the removal of light swirl and wash marks that have been inflicted on the paintwork. Upon completion of the polishing process your vehicle will be finished with a last step product (LSP) of your choice.
2 days process as follows
Alloy wheels cleaned, front facing, behind-spokes and inner-rim.
Wheel arches flushed, door shuts cleaned.
Extensive wash process using the two bucket system and pH neutral shampoo/foam.
Tar deposits and iron rich/metallic contaminants chemically treated.
Remaining surface contaminants removed with a claybar, leaving a slick glass-like finish.
Vehicle rinsed and dried with various techniques.
2 stage machine polish removing upwards of 80% of paint defects. This greatly improves depth and gloss whilst adding clarity to the paint, forming an ideal base for your selected (LSP) last step product.
Alloy wheels sealed.
Trim/brightwork/tyres dressed and protected as necessary including tailpipes.
Glass cleaned throughout.
Plastic trims dressed.
Enhancement Detail from £250.00 *Prices shown are “prices from £…” The quote may vary depending on vehicles’ size/condition – heavily pitted, soiled, badly scratched etc.

Bolt on Packages.

Gyeon Q2 Rim Coat From £120.00 
Gyeon Q2 Trim From £60.00 
Gyeon Q2 View from £60.00 
Gyeon Q2Prime 12 Mth+ Protection from £180.00 
Gyeon Q2 MOHS 18 Mth + protection from £250.00 

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Paintwork Correction detail.

In recent years perhaps the term Paint Work Correction has been taken out of context, along with the term “detailing”
The reason for this is due to different perceptions of the term…..
“Proper” paintwork correction is not something that can be achieved in one day or two days for that matter. Based on our many years of experience paintwork correction is something that takes long amounts of time, patience and expertise.
It is essential that a paintwork correction is performed correctly to ensure that the safety and the longevity of your vehicles clear coat is not compromised, this is also essential to leave a sufficient amount of clear coat for the future.
Upon this all vehicles will be subject to a consultation, and will be priced on an individual basis only.

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Brake caliper and hub cosmetic refurbishment

Anyone with a high level of OCD like ourselves can have perfection from bodywork to wheels, but one thing which is greatly over looked are those horrible faded and rusty brake calipers and hubs. Mostly caused by harsh acidic wheel cleaners, this is where we can transform them to suit every individual request.
Multiple options available with this service, from any colour than we can have specially made in a 2pac format from any paint code created in the car motor industry. logos designed and added to calipers to suit all makes and models.
1 Day process as follows.
Wheels removed to make way for preparation.
Brake calipers and hubs rubbed down through various technics preparing the surface.
All surrounding areas are taped up and masked off, including brake pads, brake disks, surrounding sensors and wires to avoid overspray.
Primer is applied to surfaces.
Chosen colour is applied.
(Graphics applied if any) ( a small charge will be incurred for logos designed)
Clear coat is applied.
Brake caliper and hub cosmetic refurbishment from £140.00

Wheel Treatment.

After all the effort has been focused on the paintwork, this treatment removes contamination from the wheel faces and backs, aiming to reduce to level of contamination reoccurring, leaving for a slick finish and much easier after care. Thanks to Gyeon Q2 Rim Coat leading the way in protective coatings its no surprise that Q2 Rim Coat offers unbeatable protection.
1 days process as follows.
Wheels are removed from the vehicle using specialist sockets.
Thorough wash process begins.
Decontamination process removing contaminants from the surface faces and wheel backs.
(Machine polishing if/or when required)
Gyeon Q2 Prep used to prepare surfaces before coating is applied.
Gyeon Q2 Rim Coat applied to both wheel faces and backs in multiple crisscross motions to ensure even levels of coating.
Cured under infrared head lamps.
Wheels refitted to the vehicle and tyres dressed.
Wheel treatment from £120.00 for four wheels.

PDR (Paint less dent removal)

We aim to create the perfect finish but sometimes that annoying parking dent simply ruins that image, paint-less dent removal can be provided with an advanced booking, removing small to medium dents without a trace.
This service is carried out by a trained technician, with many years of experience within the car body repair business, removing minor dents, dings and creases from the bodywork.
PDR available from £45 per panel. (Multiple panel discount available)

Head light restoration.

Headlight restoration simply returns dull, cloudy and stained headlights to a clear glass like finish, through many different technics, products and tools this can be achieved. Finishing off with a UV protecting sealant to avoid issues recurring.
Head light restoration from £30.00 (per pair)

Convertible roof protection treatment.

Convertible roof cleaning and protection packages available as separate items.
Cleansing of the roof removing moss staining, bird droppings and general marking issues by using specialist fabric cleaning products, tools and technics to ensures the dirt and grime build up is gently brought the surface. Each roof will vary in condition so a quick consultation will be taken upon leaving the vehicle off.
1 Day process as follows.
Fabric is treated with specialist cleaning products and soft tools releasing the dirt and grime to the surface of the weave.
Softly rinsed with no pressure to rinse away the residue.
The roof is then left to dry.
Vehicle body is protected before application.
Dye application process. (multiple coatings may be required)
Left to dry.
Gyeon Q2 Fabric coat really is a must have, and can be applied adding two coats of the spray format ensuring an even layer of hydrophobic protection, adding waterproofing and self cleaning technology.
Left to cure under infrared heat lamps.
Convertible roof protection treatment with added Gyeon Q2 Fabric Coat Bolt on from £199.00

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Convertible roof protection treatment from £120.00