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The Car Company Detailing Belfast New Car Protection Detail BMW M4 Competition Gyeon Quartz

BMW M4 Competition draped in Black Sapphire in the studio for our New Car Protection Detail.

Being a showroom car we did have our reservations with the condition of the vehicle, being over wiped in the showroom this had inflicted a lot of defects.

There will always be an argument on either side, a manufacturer mass produce’s new vehicles, travelling through various countries to reach the dealership, the dealership then only survives on selling a high quantity of vehicles …

Having said that the other side of the argument is that when a customer purchases a new vehicle they should not have to spend a considerable amount of money to rectify paintwork defects.. There will always be a line of what is acceptable and what is not..

With this case we felt that this was over the line of not acceptable, nine times out of ten, when we quote for a New Car Protection Detail we allow for a single stage machine polish to remove some very minor defects that have occurred through transportation and dealership preparation.

With the pictures below showing just how bad this was prepared and presented to the customer….

















Two stage machine polish was required to remove the defects, assisted with the Gyeon Quartz range, a fine mix using Gyeon Q2m Compound Plus & Gyeon Q2m Polish. Finishing down with Gyeon Q2m Primer prior to final wipe down with Gyeon Prep.

Choice of coating was Gyeon Quartz DuraFlex 5 Year Warranted ceramic Coating, installed only by Gyeon Certified Detailers. This two layer coating consisting of two products that combine to produce the hardest, glossiest, slickest, self-cleaning on the market.

With various bolt on’s available, Gyeon Q2 Rim Coat was applied to wheel faces, wheel backs and brake calipers. As one of the above pictures shows the competition rims also required a machine refinish prior to coating.

The finished result…

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