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The Car Company Belfast Volkswagen Arteon New Car Protection Detail Belfast Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coatings

The all new VW Arteon, yes we also didn’t know this vehicle even existed, taken back with the looks and spec of the vehicle the client finally got the perfect finish after experiencing a horrendous “new car prep”  just a few weeks ago at a “detailer” “valeter” we shall not mention..


Just check out the damage inflicted in the video footage above… Being only 3 months old, evidence of rotary polishing trails and if that wasn’t good enough they “safe washed ” with a brush…  Safe to say a hard lesson was learnt, cheap normally means it too good to be true and this was no exception.

With a very nervous client we had arranged a consultation in the studio under the lights to determine the best course of action and to create a machine package and coating package. Upon booking we arranged for the client to visit during the machine process, allowing for complete peace of mind and also seeing the results of correcting the paintwork defects prior to coating.

Final stages the Vw Arteon was treated with the new 2018 formula Gyeon Quartz Mohs, 2 layer ceramic coating giving upwards of 18 months protection, leaving a slick glossy finish, this was left for curing with the infrared heat lamps ensuring completed curing process before vehicle collection.

We cant say it enough, do your research before leaving your vehicle with anyone, take into consideration the duration it takes, the cost of the products and labour. If it sounds too good to be true.. Well i will leave that for you to finish..


We give you.. Perfection..& Protection..

Kind regards The Car Company.







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