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The Car Company Belfast Detailing Audi A5 New Car Protection Detail Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coatings

Throughout our 12/13 years detailing we have met some very enthusiastic clients, how ever this client made us stand back and admire the lengths he was going to, to protect his new Audi A5 coupe.

Completing all of his research and being an avid Polished Bliss ( Clark Aitken ) detailing fan, his chosen coating would by Gyeon Quartz, opting for Gyeon Mohs + 5 year warranted ceramic coating with added bolt on coatings.

Prior to collecting the car from Belfast Audi multiple conversations took place with the client and we soon got an understanding for the lengths this was being taken to..

Starting with the wash & decontamination stage, our client was worried about any chemical staining to the brake calipers from the products used to remove contamination, so for precaution we used “high tech” bin liners just to prevent any over spray. ( Very successful)

Starting with Gyeon Q2 Rim Coat removing and applying to only one rim at a time due to under body aero parts giving zero stand access this took slightly longer than normal, although in this instance we were also coating all inner wheel arch liners, fabric wheel arch liners protected with Gyeon Fabric coat creating a hydrophobic barrier.

wheel arch plastic trims were prepared and coated using Gyeon Q2 Trim coat , taking things even further, all painted suspension and chassis parts coated with 2 layers of Gyeon Mohs. Yes that includes all suspension struts, springs, anti-roll bars, heat shields and so on..

Going further with the underside of a car than we have ever gone before,  all three coatings (Gyeon Fabric) (Gyeon Trim) (Gyeon Mohs) was applied to ever surface, to list some.. Exhaust back boxes & tips, Y piece, suspension arms… Fabric under tray panels, plastic under tray panels which run the full length of the vehicle, finishing off even coating the fuel tank…

Moving onto the paintwork preparing the surfaces prior to coating with the all new formula  Gyeon Mohs +, preparing all exterior glass ready for Gyeon Q2 View glass coating to be applied.

Left under the infrared heat lamps to ensure thorough curing process we finally had one of the best protected Audi A5’s this side of the globe.

The Car Company.

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