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Gyeon Quartz Bathe Plus Hydrophobic Car Shampoo


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Gyeon Quartz Bathe Plus .

Now available at The Car Company in Belfast, Q2M Bathe Plus + is the worlds first pH neutral shampoo with added Si02, leaving a slick layer of polymers. Not just enhancing surface gloss it also adds hydrophobic protection with just a simple wash, dramatically improving water beading, self cleaning and making routine maintenance quicker and easier from just a simple wash.

We have found using Gyeon Q2M Bathe PLus + a game changer in maintenance, we find best results and coverage can be achieved through the foam lance, although a conventional bucket method works just fine, resulting in something that we have never come across that instantly adds deep gloss and repelled water like no other shampoo has done before. 

Used alongside Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat Essence it will simply leave you speechless and suddenly leave you with a lot more free time. 





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